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Integrated  Circuit  Test  Chips for
Thermo-Mechanical  Evaluation
of  Electronic  Packages

JS Engineering, L.L.C.

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PO Box 2084
Auburn, AL 36831

rj@js-engineering.com   or   jeff@js-engineering.com

Phone: 334-524-1264  or  334-740-0332

Stress Test Chips for Electronic Packages
     Test Chip Supply
     Test Chip Application
     Stress Extraction and Simulation

Calibration Service
     Uniaxial Calibration
     Hydrostatic Calibration
     Precision Calibration Fixture Fabrication

Custom Test Chip Development
    Wire Bond Stress Test Die
    Flip Chip Stress Test Die

Background Information
2001 IEEE Sensors Journal Paper (PDF)
  1991 Journal of Electronic Packaging (JEP) Paper (PDF)
  2014 JEP: Four-Wire van der Pauw Sensors (PDF)